About Teach for The Gambia

About Teach For The Gambia

In the Gambia the socio-economic status of a child’s family dictates their educational outcomes and limits the opportunities they have to secure a happy and fulfilled life for themselves and their families. The crisis of education has a rippling intergenerational impact. 

1/3 of Gambian children are not enrolled in school.

1/3 of Gambian children do not complete senior secondary school

1/4 of Gambian school leavers do not have the grades to go on to university.

Complex Systemic factors contribute to poor educational outcomes for children. Teach For The Gambia is working to revolutionalize this.

Our Vision

Every child nurtured. Seen. Liberated

One day every child in The Gambia will have access to an excellent holistic education that compassionately nurtures their potential; and equips them with the proficiencies, agency, dispositions and awareness they need to achieve liberation (self-reliance & self-determination) for themselves and their communities.

Exceptional Leaders. Two Year Fellowship. Alumni Movement

To overcome the complex systemic factors which lead to poor outcomes. We need a movement of diverse leaders pioneering solutions and working together at all levels — in schools, in government, in business, and in communities to reimagine a new educational paradigm.

We are recruiting and training a diverse range of potential leaders, giving them Montessori and leadership training that is deeply rooted in Africanness.  They are then placed in public school classrooms for a period of two years. In the classroom these fellows who we call Wangarni (the wolof word for revolutionary) transform holistic outcomes for children, nurture student leadership and agency. 

 Wangarni's "implement" education as a practice of freedom.  They partner with parents and communities.  We grow their leadership using four pathways - policy, education, social entrepreneurship and community development.  

As alumni informed by their grassroots knowledge in the communities they will go on to careers in politics, policy, NGOs, school leadership and the private sector to continue to create a more just world for all children.

Systemic Transformation

We have spent the last four years listening to communities and gaining a deep understanding of the systems impacting education in The Gambia. Our model addresses root causes to make systemic transformation possible.

Why Support Teach For The Gambia?

Powered by Local Communities & Youth

Our communities are our first partners and they co-lead the entire process of our work. They invest time, resources, knowledge and skills to power our collective liberation

Proven Model, Contextualized

The model of intervention has been utilised in 59 countries across the globe, with 26 years of systemic social impact across the globe.

Restoration & Reclamation For Youth

Our Wangarni leadership program is also open to young high potential leaders who have had their education interrupted to learn the skills and knowledge they need to transform their lives, and the leadership trajectory of The Gambia.

Products & Philosophy

As a justice driven movement towards self-reliance and self-determination, how we fundraise and where we raise our funding is of ultimate importance.

We came up with the idea of the Wangarni Webshop to supplement grants from mission-aligned partners and self support our work in the Mandinka spirit of Tesito (do for self). 

Our products are made with love and in communion with the community.  Where we can we upcycle, by deadstock, use natural dyes and work with the community.

Our philosophy, centers around the thinking of how can we human better, and leveraging on knowledge and assets within our communities.

In Solidarity 

Joanna with Nnaceesay